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Snapper Fishing Charter Book The Boat

For January to September timeframe use Mixed Charters
Duration: Up to 5 hours
Passengers: Up to 8

Note: Cart contents expire after 10 minutes

Snapper Fishing Charter Book Boat

Duration: Up to 5 hours
Passengers: Up to 8
Details: Departing from Carrum (Launching Way), OR Hastings Boat Ramp.
Typical Catch: Snapper

Season: August to April. Dedicated Snapper season is October to December. The main snapper fishing season begins in August (offshore), or in September in the bays (Western Port and Port Phillip), but snapper can also be caught in winter. See our Snapper Whiting Calamari mixed charter for out of season snapper fishing.

If you are interested in some tips on "How To Catch Snapper" then read this article by Mal

Fishing data obtained from Victorian Fishing Authority

Snapper can be caught on the offshore reefs in August which is a great way to catch the early season fish, before they come into Western Port Bay and Port Phillip Bay. Heading offshore for these amazing fish, we launch from Stony point and head out past Flinders into Bass Strait to find some fantastic rubble grounds and reefs to catch these beauties. By booking the Snapper Fishing Charter Book Boat product with the right weather conditions, a bag full of snapper fun can be had. We then run 5hr Charters through September

September is when we really begin catching Snapper. Early season snapper inside Western Port and Port Phillip Bays begins in September. The key is to know where and why they are there. A lot of people have trouble finding these early season fish which are usually of a larger size than the snapper you find through October to December. AFL Grand final day (late September) is the usual kickoff day for so many anglers and you can find fish in Western Port Bay up to 10kg.
Why do snapper move into Port Phillip and Western Port Bay in September? The answer is to spawn.

If you have any further questions relating to departure time or location feel free to call Mal or use the contact form for the Snapper Fishing Charter Book Boat product.

Fishing Licence

A Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) covers all forms of recreational fishing in all of Victoria's marine, estuarine and inland waters.