Fishing Charter Western Port Bay

Fishing Charter Western Port Bay Mixed Catch

Fishing Charter Western Port Bay with a mixed catch.

Fishing Charter Western Port Bay Gummy Shark

Fishing Charter Western Port Bay – Gummy Shark

Western Port Bay - Corinella

Western Port Bay – Corinella

Fishing Charter Western Port Bay – Where Can I Catch Fish?

I fish all over this bay and it certainly depends on the time of the year as to the best location. Just a few examples, in January I fish for Whiting from the middle spit to Yaringa Harbour, on the banks from 2 to 8 metres depth. In September, when fishing for Snapper, I head towards Corinella, then move on to Ryhll and then Hastings as the season goes on. If I’m searching for Gummy Sharks I fish tight contour lines on the edge of the channel.

Western Port Bay Map

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How Many People Are Allowed On The Charter Boat in Port Phillip Bay?

I can comfortably take up to 8 passengers with the captain and a deck hand. Despite other boats I have owned being registered for up to 9 passengers, the customer experience is very different in a smaller boat with not much room. Not having the space to throw a line off and bumping into other anglers can ruin the experience. This is why I have made sure that there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the time out on the water. You can also click to see photos of the boat.

fishing charter western port bay

Is There Parking Available At The Boat Ramp?

Each boat ramp has plenty of parking for customers to leave their car during the duration of the fishing charter. Be sure not to park in the designated spots for vehciles with a trailer as you may receive a parking fine.

Do I Need To Get To The Boat Ramp Early?

If you’re planning on fishing charter Western Port Bay, then I suggest arriving at the boat ramp at least ten minutes before the scheduled departure time. This will allow us to do a quick check that you are prepared and allow us to leave on time.

Fishing Charter Western Port Bay

Where Our Fishing Charters Depart From

Our second most popular spot to launch from is Hastings. Heading out to Western Port Bay with a large 680km2 area, including mangroves, mudflats, sandbanks with river paths and channels and two major islands, French and Phillip islands, which can provide sheltered fishing spots. I love fishing Western Port Bay and I often refer to it as the great unknown. You can be fishing in summer for whiting up on the banks in 2 metres of water around Yaringa Harbour and then suddenly, your line starts screaming and after a few minutes you are wondering what you have. Is it a Stingray or a Snapper? Sometimes, we get a surprise and hook a Kingfish and we scramble for the net and plan to take our time to get it in the boat. Western Port Bay is smaller than Port Phillip Bay but has two entrances to Bass Strait: The Western Entrance and the Eastern Entrance. It is easier to navigate these entrances to Bass Straight than going through the heads of Port Phillip Bay. It is an amazing place to fish with changing depths and contours and at times, strong rushing currents. Its commonly said amongst those who fish in Western Port Bay, ‘if you haven’t run aground in Western Port Bay you soon will’, with tide heights that can vary by up to 2 metres between tides. I typically launch from Hastings Boat Ramp, however, on occasion from Stony Point boat ramp.

What Types of Fish Will We Catch?

The most common fish we chase in Western Port Bay are: Bronze Whalers, Gummy Sharks, School Sharks, Kingfish, Snapper, Pinkies, Mulloway, Whiting, Squid and Flathead. Of course, there are a lot of other species we come across which I have not listed. You can fish all year round in Western Port Bay. I start fishing for Snapper from September, as I believe there is an earlier start to the Snapper Season in this bay and they are bigger sized fish. After the early season, I switch to Port Phillip Bay for the regular season start which is usually around September and then back to Western Port depending on conditions and how the season is shaping up. One of the reasons I have always wanted a trailer boat is I can choose to fish in both the bays on any given day. Whiting and Squid can be caught all year, as well as Gummy sharks, however the cooler months are preferred.

What Is The Weather Like On The Bay?

I find there is always somewhere you can find protection from the wind in Western Port Bay. At times due to weather, I have changed charters across from departing in Port Phillip Bay to Western Port for that very reason. It’s important as a charter operator to be careful as the wind against tide can make the waves get quite large. I seek protection from the adverse weather conditions by using the shoreline, or shallow waters, where the wind is not as strong.

Western Port Bay Mangroves

Western Port Bay – Mangroves

For more general information regarding Fishing Charter Port Phillip Bay, read the Victorian Fisheries Authority website.

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3 Important Facts

1. Charters typically depart from Hastings

2. Get there early and take motion sickness tablets beforehand if required

3. Prices start from $180 p.p.