Whiting Fishing Charters

Whiting fishing is a lot of fun and they also make for great eating. Traditionally in season from December to April, but it’s possible to catch them all year round if you know where to look. It is very common to catch your bag limit on a charter, especially when Mal takes you to the best spots, that only he knows about.

Whiting Fishing – Summary

Departing from Carrum or Hastings

Starting from $165 per person

5am departure in season (6am other times - check schedule)

Up to 5 hours

Fishing Whiting – Off Peak

Whiting can also be caught out of the peak season, from May to November. To cater for anglers still wanting to fish for whiting, we offer a mixed seasonal charter that offers snapper, whiting or calamari, depending on what is biting at the time. Please discuss your needs with Mal to get an understanding of which fish are currently biting and whether then seasonal charter will be focusing on one or two of these fish on the day.

Seasonal Mixed Charter

Details & Itinerary

Catching Whiting in season is extremely popular. Mal runs 2 charters per day and the boat is often booked up well in advance. Early in the season, we will often depart from Hastings as this is a great place to fish early on, then swap to Carrum at a later stage. Mal will always be in touch with you to let you know where your particular charter will be departing from. (See How To Catch Whiting).

When you go on a whiting fishing charter, you will need to come prepared for around 5 hours on the water. For those who need it, there is a toilet onboard. You will need to be prepared with appropriate clothing to prepare against seaspray and be aware that you may get a little dirty when dealing with the fish.

Whiting Fishing Charters - Schedule
  • Meet at the boat ramp at Carrum or Hastings
  • Hit the open waters of either Port Philip or Westernport Bays
  • Search for possible schools of fish.
  • Change location if required
  • Head back home
What You Should Bring
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Drink bottles of water
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Esky in your car (Please don’t bring it onboard, we will give you bags to take your fish home)
  • Bring a packed lunch and some snacks to see you through the day.
  • A weather proof jacket and older clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
Best time for Whiting charters in Victoria

If departing from Melbourne, then the bext time to fish for snapper is to December to April

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean our fish? No, but we will bleed them once caught and have them placed on ice to keep them in the best condition

Do I have to fight the fish by myself? You can take it in turns on a tuna as some take some time to bring in. We always leave that question to the person on the rod

Do I have to wear a life jacket? When going through Port Phillip heads every person on the boat must wear a life jacket, then it is up to you once we are out of the heads

What size will the fish be? Tuna can be any size from 5kg to 110kg, many of the fish we catch are approximately 10kg to 45kg

What sort of lures do you use? We use a mixture of skirted lures and hard body lures

What is the minimum age for children? For tuna fishing, 12 years and over.

Whiting Fishing

Whiting Fishing Charters – Taught By Experts

A lifetime of learning by Mal is your secret weapon to picking up all the tricks of the trade and looking like an expert in no time.

All Fishing Equipment Included

Equipped with all the best gear, Mal will get you set up to catch some snapper. Learn how to bait and fight the big ones.

Bragging Rights

We’re confident you will have a really fun day and if you land a big one, Mal will take a photo and put it on his Instagram page so there is no doubting you caught it. Let your mates see what you’ve caught and tell the tale at your next BBQ!

Fishing Licence

Make sure you have a fishing licence before you leave. They are available online

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