Calamari Fishing Charter – Professional Guide

From: $165.00

Calamari Fishing Charter

Duration: Up to 5 hours
Cost: $165 PER person (up to 9 passengers)
Departing: Carrum OR Hastings
Season: All fishing is seasonal. If you want to know which fish are biting right now, contact Mal

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Calamari Fishing Charter

Duration: Up to 5 hours

Cost: $165 PER person (up to 9 passengers)

Details: Departing from Carrum (Launching Way), OR Hastings Boat Ramp, OR Mornington Boat Ramp.

Typical Catch: Calamari, Whiting

Option: Book The Boat – $1,250 (up to 9 passengers)

Season: January to August.

If you are interested in some tips on "How To Catch Squid (Calamari)" then read this article by Mal

Fishing data obtained from Victorian Fishing Authority

Squid or Southern Calamari, are a highly sought-after target species throughout Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bays. They are one of the best eating species, more tender than squid and are great fun to catch. There is nothing better when you have a few people on board, reeling them in and avoid pulling them in to soon so you or your mate don’t end up covered in black ink.

They are found in most patches of weed and reef throughout both bays, throughout the whole year. You can catch some big Calamari from September to December, down around Queenscliff to Sorrento when they are protecting their eggs. Western Port Bay is also great to target the big guys. They make excellent bait for Snapper, Gummy Sharks, and King Fish but they also taste great and we love eating them. The beauty of Squid fishing is they can be caught year-round. We often spend time catching them so that when you come aboard, we have the best fresh bait available. The fins of calamari extend almost all the way down the hood. Squid on the other hand have fins running for only for a short distance on the sides of the body, forming an arrow.

Calamari Fishing Charters provide a great day out on the water!


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